Keeping Skin Healthy

Keeping Skin To Stay Healthy is the desire of all women, especially very concerned with beauty. What causes an unhealthy kuklit longer one of them is the weather. The increasingly erratic weather make sure your skin health impaired. For the following it is always available weapons to keep skin healthy encounter rainy weather, humid or hot though.

1. Foods rich in Vitamin A
Vitamin A can help repair skin damage, especially if you often indulge in the sun. Consumption of green vegetables, carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin you can do as a way out.

2. Foods high in Vitamin E
This vitamin helps the skin retain moisture. Vitamin E also helps the skin protected from UV rays. Always use a moisturizer with a high content of vitamin E and the consumption of nuts for the intake of nutrients from within.

3. water
Water is very good in improving skin circulation. For that both ends meet eight glasses of water a day to keep skin supple.

4. Zinc-containing foods
Zinc helps heal wounds by repairing the damaged skin as well as protecting it from disruption at a later date. Foods like oysters, nuts, turkey, crab, and beef without the fat is the solution.

5. Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids
These fatty acids help to soften dry skin to maintain skin moisture. Because in some cases of various skin diseases like eczema due to lack of these fatty acids. For that always eat salmon, tuna, or trout, nuts or seeds such as flax, and walnuts also help.
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