How to Prevent Stomach Bloating

Carbohydrates are sugar molecules. In fact, there are five types of sugar that is rather difficult to digest, ie lactose, fructose, fruktan, sugar alcohols and galaktan. As reported from, you can prevent flatulence by avoiding or at least reduce consumption of the following foods.

Conditions flatulence can indeed affect the activity. The trigger could be the food you eat. According to Jacqueline Wolf, MD, professor of Harvard Medical School and author of ‘A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Stomach’, to prevent bloating watch your carbohydrate intake.

1. Artificial Sweeteners
Sorbitol, xylitol and mannitol is a sugar alcohol commonly found in diet sodas and sugar-free candy. If you are easily bloating, you should avoid these products.

2. Note strarch consumption or starch
If after eating wheat rich in fruktan you experience bloating, immediately replace it with rice, corn or potatoes.

3. milk
If after drinking milk, the stomach feels bloated, you may have lactose intolerance. As a substitute for milk, try eating foods that lower lactose content such as cheese or yogurt. Can also consume dairy products that do not contain lactose.

4. Select in eating fruits
Types of fruit berries, grapes and oranges contain fructose and glucose is lower. This makes the fruit easier to digest and no risk of bloating. This is when compared to eating fruits with somewhat higher levels of fructose, such as melons, apples, and pears.

Sources; vivanews/kosmo


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