Heart Attack Often Happen In The Morning

From some research, known heart attack tends to occur at certain times. Find out when the rest of the time, so you are more vigilant and anticipatory. Especially, if you or a loved one has a history of heart diseaseHeart attacks can cause cerebral palsy or stroke, until sudden death. This needs to be aware because of heart problems can be experienced by anyone, not just men but also women, at all ages.

1. In the morning
Estimated team of researchers from Harvard University, United States, the risk of heart attack increased by 40 percent in the morning. Reporting from health.com, the trigger because, when you wake up, the body release adrenaline and other stress hormones. Blood pressure and increased oxygen demand.

Blood also become more viscous and more difficult to pump. This makes the heart work harder and increase the risk of heart attack. Another fact is the heart attack tends to occur on Monday morning.

2. Defecate
During defecation, you can also at risk of heart attack. That’s because the strain will increase the pressure in the chest, slowing the return of blood to the heart. In order to push the process not too difficult to multiply the consumption of vegetables and fruits to meet the needs of fiber.

3. sport
This applies after a person exercising hard, but it is not accustomed to exercising. Heart attacks can happen when one is not familiar with the sport and increased stress hormone levels. This causes blood pressure and heart rate more than usual, and trigger heart attacks.

4. after meals
Beware also after meals, this time also susceptible to a heart attack. Especially, if you eat fatty foods and high carbohydrate. Research shows both consumption can constrict blood vessels. This makes the blood more prone to clot and trigger a heart attack.
Sources; VIVAnews/kosmo


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  1. Great information on heart attacks

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